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     I. Follow the steps below

    II. We send you an extensive inventory sheet to fill out. Be as specific as possible with move questions.

    III. You send it back to us 

    IV. We will send you who accepted or made an offer

    V. We perform the list below to ensure a smooth move

    VI. Take your time don't rush. 

    VII. We double check the moving company license and registration to ensure are current. We only deal with accredited companies.

    VIII. Will get you their MC/MX and USDOT registration number, and customer reviews.

    IX. Insurance is pivotal for your move because the moving company insurance included is very minimal, many of them  pay 60 cents per pound, example a damaged TV weighs 15 pounds, you will get $9 for it. These are things where losses occurred.

  • X. You may be able to use your home insurance to cover your move. Check your policy or contact your insurance agent, which also save you a lot of money on cost and damages.

Your rights to know extensive booklet  (see the table of contents) to guide you through the whole process. We will send it to you before you sign your moving contract. 




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